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Impact: Normal people & Real estate in demonetisation

Impact: Normal people & Real estate in demonetisation

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Indian civilization showed aspects and changes from ancient time to current phase. People fulfilled their necessities by exchanging goods. As the years passed they started to use coins of gold and bronze etc for the purpose  and till now we used notes and coins as well.

By the current actions of Government, an assumption is  that India is turning to a new phase as being digital. So the areas related to currency , Real Estate, gold market and share market got affected. In the past era, people used to spend money in properties. In Noida sector, most of the segments of investment were be in real estate . Builder and developers organized a market having extending growth. Now Demonetization reduced the market and investment criteria through limitations of cash withdrawal.

The government proposed different laws, related having properties now people need to confess objective of being the honor of multiple premises. The valuable remark on the changes would provide land everyone is necessary.

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